New Patient Instructions

Registering your new card with the state.

Registering your new patient card on complia is easy! But before you get started you are going to need a couple of things. You’ll need a valid photo ID (Driver’s License/ Passport), proof of Montana residency (a piece of mail with your name and a Montana State address should work), your physician statement from the cannabis clinic, a smart phone with a camera, a white wall, and a debit or credit card.

STEP 1. Go to!/mt/register

  • Add your name (First/Last)
  • Current email that you can access
  • Phone number
  • On the drop down, click patient/agent (see picture below)
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Password (at least 8 characters, contains uppercase and lowercase letters, 1 number and a special character)
  • Make sure to check the terms and condition box

STEP 2. Login to the email you entered in the form above. You will see an email from MMMP, open and verify the email.

STEP 3. Once verified go to!/signin and sign in with your email and the password you created previously.

STEP 4. Click “Create New Application”.

STEP 5. Under “Application Type” choose “New Patient Registration” and click “Create Application”.

STEP 6. Enter your contact information. Make sure to click “Verify Address” and select the “Verified Address” option in the pop up window. (see photo below). Click “Save & Next”.

STEP 7. For this step you will need the paperwork from the doctor’s office. Select your doctor approved medical condition from the drop down menu. For “Time Period for Use of Marijuana” enter “12 months” or “1 year”. Then fill in the Physician information required and “Verify Address”. Click “Save & Next”.

STEP 8. Next you will have to answer a series of questions (see below). Click “Save & Next”.

STEP 9. This is where you will need that camera. On the documents you are going to upload photos of your driver’s license, your proof of residency (a piece of mail addressed to you in MT), a selfie in front of a white background (no hats, no smiling), and photos of your physician statement (upload a photo of all pages of the physician statement).

This is also where you will designate Grizzly Pine as your new Dispensary. Enter the following information in the “Provider Information” area:

  • Provider Name: Grizzly Pine
  • Street: 512 N Broadway Ave.
  • City: Bozeman
  • State: Montana
  • Zip: 59715
  • Provider Type: MIPP
  • Provider License Number: P-00020

Once your screen looks like the image below click “Save & Next”.Click “Save & Next”.

STEP 10. Select “Credit Card” in the payment options. Click “Save & Next”.

STEP 11. Review the information that you’ve entered. If you see a red “X” you will need to navigate back and update that information. Once you only have green checkmarks click “Pay & Submit”(see below).

STEP 12. Finally complia will kick you over to the payment processing site. The Montana State’s registration fee is $31.85 for new cardholders.

Congratulations! Your new card should arrive in the mail in two to four weeks. If you don’t see it in that timeframe please call the DPHHS at (406) 444-0596.

See you soon!