Grizzly Pine | Arrows | Recreational Marijuana | Bozeman, Belgrade, Whitefish
We love growing cannabis.
We love growing marijuana.
We love growing weed!
Grizzly Pine | Arrows | Recreational Marijuana | Bozeman, Belgrade, Whitefish

Producing quality flower is our passion, and we know that the best flower products come from fresh, perfectly cured buds. Our cultivation process is unique: while we do grow a large canopy, we don’t do it all at once in a single giant facility, instead utilizing small batch processing. By breaking down our canopy into many smaller bays within our facility, we are able to harvest every week, instead of just a few times a year. This means that our products are drying, curing, getting tested, and then coming straight home with you. At Grizzly Pine, you will never see a nug on our shelf from last year’s inventory; that’s our fresh weed guarantee!


Genetics are paramount at Grizzly Pine. Our first priority is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, and great products start with great buds. While we love the classics, we are continually on a quest for the best. We pheno-hunt and backcross pollinate to create unique genetics that only grow in our garden.


Growing cannabis requires a lot of materials and energy. The industry as a whole carries a large carbon footprint, which is why we are committed to efficiency. We don’t over produce, and are tirelessly looking for ways to reduce our company’s environmental impact by making “every watt count”! From installing LED bulbs and maximizing light distribution, to minimizing substrate and nutrient loss, we are always searching for that next little tweak in the garden. Each year, we continue to produce better results with fewer negative industrial consequences.


It is fundamental that our products are always clean and safe. Integrated pest management is an integral technique in keeping our grow rooms clean and free of bugs and foreign organisms. No bugs means no pesticides in our products…ever.

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