Change Dispensary Instructions

Changing dispensaries is easy.

STEP 1. Login into your mycomplia account:!/signin

STEP 2. Click on “SIGN IN”.

STEP 3. Click “Create New Application”.

STEP 4. Click “Application Type”. Then scroll until you see “Patient Update”. Select “Patient Update” then click “Create Application” button (see below).

STEP 5. Enter your card number and then select “Yes” for “Does this update application involve a change to the patients provider information?” (see below) Click “Save & Next”.

NOTE: “Does this update application involve a change to the patients provider information” should be the only option selected on this page.

STEP 6. Navigate to the “Questions” tab on the screen. This is where you will designate Grizzly Pine as your new Dispensary. Enter the following information in the “Provider Information” area:

  • Provider Name: Grizzly Pine
  • Street: 512 N Broadway Ave.
  • City: Bozeman
  • State: Montana
  • Zip: 59715
  • Provider Type: MIPP
  • Provider License Number: P-00020

Once your screen looks like the image below click “Save & Next”.

STEP 7: Navigate to the payment tab at the top of the screen. Select “Credit Card” (the other options will add an additional 30 days to your card processing). Enter your credit card/debit card info and your new medical card will arrive between 2-4 weeks.

Yippie! You are all set. We can’t wait to see you in the dispensary!

If you’re still having trouble, or need more help, please call or stop by!

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