About Grizzly Pine

Bozeman Cannabis Dispensary Grizzly Pine
Grizzly Pine is a DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program Licensed Provider. We are the true definition of mom-and-pop! Started in 2017, Grizzly Pine is truly family-oriented and local! All of our products are made in-house by our team right here in Bozeman! We strive to provide the highest quality medical products for our customers every time! Safety, consistency, compliance and community make up the foundation of our mission. Welcome to the Grizzly Pine family.

Bozeman's Choice for best Medical Marijuana Dispensary | Grizzly Pine

Grizzly Pine Loyalty Program

Medical Marijuana Loyalty Program | Grizzly Pine | Bozeman, MT


1. Earn points for every dollar spent.

2. Following check-out, you’ll receive a text with a link to your personal mobile digital wallet.

3. Use the wallet to access your points, redeem rewards, and view upcoming offers.

4. Or, you can choose to accumulate points with each purchase and cash your points in for prizes at a later date.

That’s it. No sign-up required!

Grizzly Pine Daily Deals | Bozeman, MT

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Grizzly Pine Everyday Deals | Bozeman, MT

The best flower prices around! Buy in bulk and save even more! $150 bulk flower ounces, we can mix-n-match strains!

Grizzly Pine Rewards | Bozeman, MT

We have a loyalty program – for every dollar you spend, earn a point and use those points for a wide variety of free and discounted items! Ask our associates to learn more!

Grizzly Pine Online Ordering | Bozeman, MT

Get your order in and don’t wait in line! Your time is precious, see what is available and easily place an order at grizzlypine.com/menu Password changed monthly, please ask a budtender for this month’s password or request a password HERE.

(Publishing Date – March 9, 2020 Daily Deals and Rewards are subject to change.)